Analytical, creative and passionate with a proven ability to rally teams around a shared vision while delivering true business innovation & bottom-line success.

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Proven Experience in Marketing, Communications, Design, Digital Media and Photography


Demonstrated Success in Multimedia, E-Commerce and Social Media Project Management

Team Builder

Demonstrated Ability to Lead Cross-Functional Teams and Liaise with Senior Management

Innovative Leader

Functional expertise in Management, Marketing, E-Commerce, Analytics and Market Research.

We're Only as Good as our Teams

I’ve been a part of some amazing teams and have worked on some great projects. See what some of my coworkers have to say about the work we’ve done together.
Marcelo is a highly-qualified professional with experience in all aspects of marketing and e-commerce. He was part of our senior leadership team. I am proud of the work that we did together and would happily have Marcelo back in my organization.
David Blatt
CEO Gaspard
I met Marcelo back in 2012 at Gaspard while I was just a Junior Software Developer practicum student. He welcomed me to the company and recruited me as a permanent full-time member of the "Gaspard Family" shortly after. Marcelo as the Director of Marketing, always had a cheerful and positive attitude. He is also experienced and knowledgeable on marketing technologies and how to promote the company's products and services. I enjoyed his enthusiastic approach to new technologies. Reporting directly to Marcelo, he always gave me the confidence when tackling any projects and always believed in me in doing a job well done. It is now my 6th year at Gaspard and now as the company's Senior Software Developer.
Wihelmina Kidd
Senior Developer
Reporting directly to Marcelo, he never made me feel “junior” or incompetent even throughout the training period. Marcelo helped me realize where my strengths were and how to sharpen the saw on my weaknesses. Marcelo pushed me outside of my comfort zone, ultimately giving me the confidence required to grow within the company. Marcelo has a gift to not only see the potential in an employee, but also to nurture their unique gifts and skill sets to really let them shine.
Kayla Leskiew​
Marketing Consultant​
Marcelo is a hard working and enthusiastic team leader and project manager. He provided the guidance and vision that enabled us to deliver results on time and on budget. Over the course of the planning and development of five individual websites he was able to keep his team focused and the scope in check while while keeping an firm eye on costs. It was a pleasure working with Marcelo and I look forward to our next project together.
Christian Fillion
President Marketing Media
I had the great pleasure of working for Marcelo in the creation of Needs Assessment for Gaspard. Marcelo might be one of the hardest working individuals I've come across. Gaspard is a large company with many variations of regalia, targeted at very different market segments and Marcelo had a rock solid understanding of the entire engine from sales and marketing to manufacturing and fulfillment. Marcelo also had a very clear vision of how Gaspard could grow revenue by utilizing social media and web technologies. He was the most critical resource for our Strategic Needs Assessment and it would be an absolute pleasure to work with him again in the future.
Derek Penner
Derek Penner
IT & Business Consultant

Marcelo Works Like a Dog to Get the Job Done

Fred Cary - CEO Home Bistro

Internationally experienced Marketer with a history of bringing businesses online and engaging customers with digital media.

Functional expertise in Management, Marketing, Art Direction, E-Commerce, Analytics and Market Research with a passion for digital marketing and emerging media.

I’ve enjoyed being a part of teams working with a diverse group of  brands across North America.

Some of the brands that I’ve worked with.

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